Handmade Holidays Part One

What To Bring to a Holiday Party

As I’ve been surfing the internet lately, the handmade holiday gift craze has been making my mouth water and my hands itch to get baking!  So, to feature some of my favorite blogs and to share ideas for cool holiday gifts I am going to do a three part series.  Today I will feature delicious sweets that are perfect to bring to a holiday party and will make everyone ooooo and aaaahh over your cunning and prowess in the kitchen.  Coming soon I will share some of my favorite Hannukah goodies and handmade holiday gift ideas that you can give to friends and family that won’t break the bank.

Cheeky Kitchen is one of my new favorite food blogs.  She has great ideas and a cheeky personality :).  Check out her recipe for Cool Peppermint Brownies below.  And what’s even more fun- you can do the icing in any color you want!

Baked Bree is another one of my go-to food blogs.  Here is her Cherry Rocky Road Fudge- guaranteed to make your tummy rumble.

I’ve featured Smitten Kitchen before on the blog and she never disappoints.  Her lemon bars look like they are heavenly.

Delicious!  I hope you all enjoyed this post and are having a joyful, stress free beginning to your holidays.  Coming soon:  Holy Hannukah!  Wonderful Jewish delicacies that anyone can enjoy.  Happy Wednesday!


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3 Responses to “Handmade Holidays Part One”

  1. I can say from experience that Smitten Kitchen’s lemon bars are DEVINE. Definitely among my absolute favorite treats, and I’ve never found a better recipe. An added bonus? It makes a large pan, so there are always plenty!


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